Danny Mac

Head Retopology

In these tutorials I attempt to make retopology as simple and methodical as possible.

While there’s not really a one solution fits all, the head topology I describe is suitable for many cases and is derived from topology used by characters of Pixar and Disney.

It’s also simple to tweak to your needs since the edge-flow is carefully planned out with this in mind.

You can also learn how to retopologise the rest of the body here.

The topics I cover are:

Part 1 – Retopology Concepts
Part 2 – Retopology in 3D Coat

The Bonus Package includes the following additional material:

  • Detailed 36 page step-by-step illustrated guide
  • A4 printable reference sheet of the topology from different angles
  • Video turntable of the topology
  • Dynameshed head (for practice) and retopologized head (for reference or base mesh)
  • Video tutorial outlining a couple tips on reducing edgeflow