Danny Mac

Full Body Retopology

In these videos I follow up from the Head Retopology tutorial by finishing off the rest of the body.

The topics I cover are:

Part 1 – Retopology Tools in Zbrush
Part 2 – Retopology in 3D Coat

The Bonus Package includes the following additional material:

  • 3 Bonus Tutorials:
  1. Retopology of the Hands and Feet
  2. Reprojecting the High Resolution Details (Note I have also done a 60 second version here.
  3. Retopology of the Second Pass (I go over many key elements of the body in more depth)
  • 2 Base Meshes
  1. Pass 1 base mesh (thihs is the more basic sculpting pass covered in the free tutorial)
  2. Pass 2 Base Mesh (TIER 2 ONLY)
  • Turntables for individual sections of the body for easy viewing
  1. Head Turntable
  2. Torso Turntable
  3. Hand Turntable
  4. Foot Turntable
  5. Arm Turntable
  6. Leg Turntable
  • 4 A4 Reference Sheets (Different Angles)
  1. Full Body References
  2. Head and Torso References
  3. Hand, Foot and Neck References
  4. Arm and Leg References